Monday, March 9, 2009

Stirfried Cardboard

WOW! could this weekend have been better? 70 degrees both days, FDR, Warehouse, Love Park, City Hall... no... could not be better. anyway, heres some pictures from sunday night at the warehouse

drink of the night, tecate. bangin... or if your under 21... icky. why do I only take photos post beer?

Joe lookin a bit gnarhammered. a few PBRs and an unexpected photo flash

Kev grinding the hardest wall there. its not the biggest, but steepest by far

JJ mid 360 shove to primo (iron lotis). please forgive him

Joe has the best fs Smiths ever. bar none

I don't remember what Josh is doin here, but I know I need to film an interview with him. It will be rad

Josh tryin some wildness... didnt happen, but I had a fever, and the only perscription was more Josh

I wish this wasn't my test photo on the lighting cause this was rad. Magical Dave revert switch crook roll in. Yeah... I know

Saw this on the way over there. not much else needs to be said, right?

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  1. haha. i got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell.