Thursday, March 5, 2009

Eh Yo Ol' Greg!

Last night I hit up Collins garage mini ramp with Kev Brooks and Brian Panebianco. Fun times I must say... ramp was super rad

Heres The Ramp with Kev on lurk duty

Brian bustin a one foot 5-0 filled with radness

Me doing an Andrect Wall ride with kevs hype powering it

I thought it was weird that they made us sign a waiver cause it was just someones backyard ramp

But then I smashed my face into a wall after comin in weird so I guess I know why now

Kev Switch Back Smith Gnar

Brian makin a crazy face

I thought this was weird how hes all clear and has no head for some reason... it should be in the photo... I don't know

slightly better picture, but when we went to get a "good" one my batteries died. Oh well, thats what happens when I try to get all artsy an' shit.

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