Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Get Used To It...

Yeah, now that most of us are working full time and winter is fast approaching, your gonna start seeing a lot of the Quakertown Skate Facility (or its in Richland... honestly I don't know). Here is another late night skate session there. As aways, its a great time. If your interested in stopping by there at some point, I suggest you add them on facespace By clicking this.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


The Newtown skatepark opened, and as it turns out, its not concrete like I said it was going to be in a previous post. Oh well... what are you gonna do about it? NOTHING! Thats right. Anywho, they do have one good thing there, its a premade quick creted barrier. So basically there is only one thing we could do with that. Barrier Kult ritual! So here it is... all hail baku!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Double Post!

Been so busy not really filming anything that I forgot to post! Well here it is, and its a double post. First, me and Nick went to Roslyn and filmed a few clips even with the crazy wind. Heres that footage

Later that night I went to the new skatepark/ skateshop in Quakertown, that is so new it doesn't even have a name, yet with Kev, Crambart, Steve, Hnatko, Jake, and Garrett. Pretty epic session. Heres that footage...

Well, thats all for now. Tune in soon as (depending on the weather) I should be hitting up the new park in New Town tommorow with Asian Dave. Hope I'll get some footage... no promises...