Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mini Ramps and Foot Plants

Wow, this is my third post today. Looks like I'll be getting that Christmas bonus I've been hearing about at the water cooler around the gnarhammered office building. I hope before the end of that statment you stopped reading and went straight to the video...

Heres some footage of Me, Bremme, AJ, and Gardener skating the FDR mini ramp. Pretty fun day, except it reminded me that winter is coming... its getting cold again! I hate it!

Somewhere Between Suck and Rad

So what are your thoughts on this video I found? I'm not really sure what I think... I'm siked and disgusted.

Philly Ghetto Spot Tour

This is from a while ago, filmed and edited by Eby who does, which is a blog sorta like this one, but about 1000 times better. Hell, you should probably be looking at that one and not wasting your time on here... what the hell is wrong with you? Anyway, heres some street stuff we filmed from our all ghetto spot tour of Phillydelphia.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Rainbow in a Glass

Headed up to Black Diamond Skatepark yesterday with Kev and Grandpa, otherwise known as Bremme. Lucky for us it was all day bike day so we were stuck on the mini ramp and vert ramp.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fuck The Police!

I try to stay away from text only posts, but I think this needs to be shared in its fulll on retarded-ness.
Today I went to the Battle At Radnor contest, which is a super fun contest where all the money made from it goes to help fight cancer. The contest was going good and the ONE Skateboards booth was selling tons of boards and other stuff and everything was going great.
Then I see a cop talking to JJ and he starts putting the tent away. I walk up to ask him what was going on, and he said that the cop was telling him he had to put everything away because he was soliciting without a permit (even though One was a sponser of the event). I in rosponce said "what? why? and the cop got all mad and said "you wanna say what one more time? I'll give you the ticket". I just skated away cause he was being a dick.
Then the cop starts giveing Trey (the guy running the event) a hard time about not having a permit. trey goes to explain that they do in fact have a permit and that his mom is actually on the Townships Board. The cop responds with "Well I don't have a copy of the permit, so I'm shutting you down". Then the cop tells everyone that if you'r not a township resident your not allowed to be in the skatepark and starts kicking everyone out who doesn't live in the town, which was every single person there.
One person goes up to talk to him calmly about how its dumb to have a skatepark that everyones not allowed to use. He was quickly handcuffed and thrown in the back of the car and ticketed, then taken to the station. I figured if I stayed around I'd be in the car with him, so I got in my car and ran to FDR.
So, thats the whole situation. Sorry kids with cancer, your not getting helped out today. Thank Radnors Finest.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Be Joey Fitzpatrick and WIN!

Anytime Joey can be added to Gnarhammered, then you know its gonna be a good post... which now reflecting on it, makes this site up to about 3 good posts! Well... except for the "fuckin that chicken" thing... thats awsome.
ANYWAY, if you can repeat this trick and send it to VU Skateshop, then you can win tickets to Dragonforce. Get this done and get facemelting, Kids.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hit Roslyn Park last night and got a bit of filming done. Things got pretty face melting if you can tell... that bowl is pretty gnarly.

I was thinkin about heading up to Sayreville skatepark maybe next weekend to do some filming and shredding of the gnar. Anyone interested? have your permission slips filled out by friday! Or just tell me you wanna go...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Keep Fuckin That Chicken

Best thing on the internet right now.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Time Killer

I'm about to head out to Roslyn to film some shreddin. If your not heading out skating watch this video. Theres no sound but its really amazing. Stolen straight from TZ's youtube account.

and in the spirit of vert shredding, heres an old video of me and Kev skating the gnarliest vert ramp ever.
Super Huge Vert Ramp Session

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lurkin is my business, and business is good

Found this video just a second ago... minus my footage... shit gnarly. FDR on the fourth of july.

So I guess your wondering why I haven't done a "real" update since Skatopia... in fact, I've never done a real update ever, right? WEEEELLLLLLL I went out filming a bit today (as it is 1 am I guess yesterday), and hope to get some more filming in... uhh... today(?) for a quick montage of Roslyn Park or something else. I guess stay tuned... or don't. Your call.

Friday, September 18, 2009

100th post!

I'm actually pretty excited about this video. It came out really good, and editing it was a trip through ol' memory lane. I have a clip in there from the first montage I've ever put online (only on my myspace however), and stuff I hadn't used in anything yet that I had forgot about, and the best part is seeing where I've gone with my camara. Theres clips in there from Texas, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Maryland, West Virginia, New Jersey, New York, and most important Pennsylvania. Theres stuff in here from places that just popped up a month or two ago, and theres clips in there from parks that I loved that are no longer around (or places I'm not longer allowed). Its really amazing for me to see where skateboarding has taken me. Thanks a lot to everyone who is down for gnarhammered and I've filmed, filmed me, or even people that just look at this site. Thanks a lot. Hope to see you at the 200th post.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Skatopia Bonus Footage!

Its been a while since I updated anything... Rain and some other stuff has gotten in the way of filming, and I really wanted to edit this to Hank 3, but my computer had no time for letting me download that, so I, as Kev put it, "Greg Pachelled" it and edited it to CCR. Fuck you Kev. Well, here it is, the bonus footage.

My next post will be a special one. My 100th post! I was thinking about doing a montage of my favorite clips from all the past gnarhammered updates. So stay tuned for that, and I'm going to Pops Playground today to film a short montage with Metzger, so that should be coming along soon too.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

T Shirts NOT Coming Soon

Maybe... I found this picture on Thrashers website. If you look close, you can see its a Baker "Low Life" Miller 40.

Thanks Baker... took my T shirt before I could make it... anyone else got an idea for a shirt? maybe like a Coors one or something? Fuck!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Banned In DC

Well, actually I'm just now banned for life for the ad above from the warehouse. I'm pretty bummed that people took this as reckless use of their ramp, even though we used as much procaution as we could. We had a fire extinguisher, some shirts to put it out with, and used gas soaked sand to make sure the fire had a trail to go on so it wouldn't go near the wood. But, none the less, I'm now banned from the place, which sucks because I really like skating there, and really like everyone who skates there.
Sorry to anyone who was pissed about it, but again, its skateboarding. Isn't that what its all about? Getting gnarly? Listen... I'll make a ramp and you guys can skate it and burn it to the ground if ya want. deal?

Oh, as for videos, it rained today so a new montage was postponed until later... hopefully tommorow.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back Home

Not really a whole lot to report as of right now... just came back from a trip to New Hampsire. Didn't film anything, took a camara... didn't take a single picture. Whatever. I guess that trip wasn't really about fun, more or less a job. Anywho, I should be filming a montage tommorow which should be pretty bad... or good? Probably bad. Also, the Skatopia Bonus Section should be done soon. Look forward to that stuff tommorow and soon after that.
Since your clearly wasting time anyway, why not watch this then go out and shred, rather then looking at this crappy website.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Night At The Warehouse

This will be my last post ever. I'm over how big gnarhammered is getting and how much work I have to put into it. It all started out as a fun thing to do and now that its so big, I'm getting phone calls about how I'm not updating.
Ok... I'm lying... nobody calls me about this shit at all... and how big its getting? What the hell am I talking about?
Anyway, this will be my last post, but only for the week... I'll be In New Hampshire doing some demos and stuff. Maybe while out there I'll give ya another "One For The Road" story... we'll see if anything crazy goes down.
Oh yeah! Videos, right?

This is the most squad deep video I've made so far. Featuring (in order) Nick, Ryan, Josh, myself, Joe, Pauly, Sean, and Magical Dave. Enjoy! or don't. SK8 or GIT!

Photos and Stuff

Heres a picture of Sean doing a back smith. Check out his photos and all that jazz on his flickr. We took a few photos today, including that one you just looked at.