Friday, September 18, 2009

100th post!

I'm actually pretty excited about this video. It came out really good, and editing it was a trip through ol' memory lane. I have a clip in there from the first montage I've ever put online (only on my myspace however), and stuff I hadn't used in anything yet that I had forgot about, and the best part is seeing where I've gone with my camara. Theres clips in there from Texas, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Maryland, West Virginia, New Jersey, New York, and most important Pennsylvania. Theres stuff in here from places that just popped up a month or two ago, and theres clips in there from parks that I loved that are no longer around (or places I'm not longer allowed). Its really amazing for me to see where skateboarding has taken me. Thanks a lot to everyone who is down for gnarhammered and I've filmed, filmed me, or even people that just look at this site. Thanks a lot. Hope to see you at the 200th post.

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