Monday, December 28, 2009


Headed out to Black Diamond again. This time with Bremme, Metzger, and Asian Dave. Not really to much to say about it... I'll just let the footage speak for itself.

Thats Cause I've Got A Taco In My Pocket

Got the crew together yesterday for a street filming mission that actually started to go skate concrete parks, but we desided against that and went to some spots in West Philly. Theres a ton of good stuff there that you don't really get to see to often in videos that should be in them. Hopefully we will be heading back there soon because we found an epic looking spot. Just wait till we film something on it.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bordz PA Again

Well, it was raining today. You should know by now what that means. Black Diamond or Bordz. Today I picked both. Here is the footage from Bordz. Super fun session and I got to fly a remote controled helicopter. Doesn't get much better then that... unless that helicopter delivered me a pizza. Then it would have been better.

Up Next! Black Diamond montage. Or a montage from where ever I'm skating tommorow. Depends on the weather.

Back From The Holidays

Ok, back in the office. I will be posting new footage real soon. Got a bunch of footage today at Bordz and Black Diamond, and should be doin a filming mission tommorow. In the mean time, enjoy this video. And if your the guy in this video, welcome to the gnarhammered team.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Ok, its not Christmas yet, but I got shit I gotta do, so heres the Christmas update. Now that I think of it, it should be Happy Holidays update cause thats what we gotta do in this country to not seem racist or whatever. Oh well, to late.
Anyway, I thought since it snowed like a foot it would be fun to do a Snow Skate video. It wasn't at all. I hurt so bad right now and I'm sure Kev is hatin it as well. Anywho, enjoy what I didn't.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Day!

Well yesterday Metzger and I got a good day of shredding in at Pops. I woke up this morning thinking about how much I wanted to skate FDR and my dreams were killed the second I looked out the window... snow everywhere! Oh well, heres the footage from before the snowy times.

Wait until you see the stuff I didn't put in this video... Metzger is magical to say the least.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Terrible Is What We Aim For

I know Gnarhammered has never been about having fun on a skateboard, but today we're gonna change that (and don't worry, just for today).
Heres a motage me, Animal, and Kev made of us skating a parking garage on a rainy day. We had way more fun then I expected... as it was a parking garage... anyway, here tis.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Skate (209) Or Die!

Well I wanted to have more footage this weekend then I ended up with... We skated a park in New York called Skate Time 209 which was also a roller skating rink... smelled like eggs, bandaids, and feet... but other then that, the park was pretty fun. They were having a shop contest that we ended up entering (thus barely any footage) and got 4th place! Out of 4 shops! obviously we tried a whole lot... I did end up winning the mini ramp contest though.
Then today we went to Black Diamond because of the rain, and were told the park would be closed to skaters in 45 minutes because it was BMX day. so again, no footage. So heres what we got from Skate 209. Its kinda weak, except for Nicks tre flip... that was insane.

OH! The footage from the shop contest should be on Transworlds website, so I'll have to post that up... Gnarhammered Crew goin to the big times!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Cold As Ice

ok, so now round 2 of the weekend backwards. This is from Saturday (sunday is in the post below) when we went to New York City to meet up with our friend Eby. Check out his board company at Anyway, it was raining, which lucky for us, turned into freezing rain which we had to walk through. Despite the terrible weather, we got to skate one spot under the bridge and the Autum Bowl. I wish we did more filming, but we were to busy having fun... isn't that what skateboardings all about? No... your right. Its not. Sorry

The Weekend Backwards

I have two montages I'll be posting up soon. One is in this very post! WOWSERS! Anyway, heres what we did on Sunday. Skated Philly. A lot of good footage came out of this, so heres what I'm not gonna use for anything. Enjoy!

Soon to come: NYC footage

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pointless Post

Heres a quick little throw away montage Metzger made. I'm backin it.

AND! This video. It was a related video to one on mine, and its fantastic. I present to you, little crambart and kev.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Go Big Or Go To Wall

And so we did. Me and Metzger skated Wall Park today cause Roslyn wasn't open for some reason... bullshit! But at least we got this facemelting video part for you.