Sunday, December 13, 2009

Skate (209) Or Die!

Well I wanted to have more footage this weekend then I ended up with... We skated a park in New York called Skate Time 209 which was also a roller skating rink... smelled like eggs, bandaids, and feet... but other then that, the park was pretty fun. They were having a shop contest that we ended up entering (thus barely any footage) and got 4th place! Out of 4 shops! obviously we tried a whole lot... I did end up winning the mini ramp contest though.
Then today we went to Black Diamond because of the rain, and were told the park would be closed to skaters in 45 minutes because it was BMX day. so again, no footage. So heres what we got from Skate 209. Its kinda weak, except for Nicks tre flip... that was insane.

OH! The footage from the shop contest should be on Transworlds website, so I'll have to post that up... Gnarhammered Crew goin to the big times!

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