Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Banned In DC

Well, actually I'm just now banned for life for the ad above from the warehouse. I'm pretty bummed that people took this as reckless use of their ramp, even though we used as much procaution as we could. We had a fire extinguisher, some shirts to put it out with, and used gas soaked sand to make sure the fire had a trail to go on so it wouldn't go near the wood. But, none the less, I'm now banned from the place, which sucks because I really like skating there, and really like everyone who skates there.
Sorry to anyone who was pissed about it, but again, its skateboarding. Isn't that what its all about? Getting gnarly? Listen... I'll make a ramp and you guys can skate it and burn it to the ground if ya want. deal?

Oh, as for videos, it rained today so a new montage was postponed until later... hopefully tommorow.

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