Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fuck The Police!

I try to stay away from text only posts, but I think this needs to be shared in its fulll on retarded-ness.
Today I went to the Battle At Radnor contest, which is a super fun contest where all the money made from it goes to help fight cancer. The contest was going good and the ONE Skateboards booth was selling tons of boards and other stuff and everything was going great.
Then I see a cop talking to JJ and he starts putting the tent away. I walk up to ask him what was going on, and he said that the cop was telling him he had to put everything away because he was soliciting without a permit (even though One was a sponser of the event). I in rosponce said "what? why? and the cop got all mad and said "you wanna say what one more time? I'll give you the ticket". I just skated away cause he was being a dick.
Then the cop starts giveing Trey (the guy running the event) a hard time about not having a permit. trey goes to explain that they do in fact have a permit and that his mom is actually on the Townships Board. The cop responds with "Well I don't have a copy of the permit, so I'm shutting you down". Then the cop tells everyone that if you'r not a township resident your not allowed to be in the skatepark and starts kicking everyone out who doesn't live in the town, which was every single person there.
One person goes up to talk to him calmly about how its dumb to have a skatepark that everyones not allowed to use. He was quickly handcuffed and thrown in the back of the car and ticketed, then taken to the station. I figured if I stayed around I'd be in the car with him, so I got in my car and ran to FDR.
So, thats the whole situation. Sorry kids with cancer, your not getting helped out today. Thank Radnors Finest.

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  1. u know i did not know skating in a fucking skatepark was breaking the rules..... o wait it not !!!!!!!!!!!! fucking pigsters