Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kona Dogs part 1 of probably a lot

I went to Florida with Krank It Up Apparell and skated Kona and some other skateparks in the area. So much fun. We skated nonstop for the whole weekend, meeting new people (including TONY ALVA) and just having a great time. Heres the Photos I took. There should be a small video and other peoples photos up soon... I guess this week is Florida week.

We got to our room and this gnarly bug was just chilling. Garrett was gonna die just looking at it.

Speaking of Garrett, he bought half a case of red bull off some guy for a dollar. They were all dented and the box was already open... I didn't even try one.

I love how often I've done this. The classic redneck cooler.

The remnants of Mikes "green death" drink. It tastes like a grass smoothie. Apparently its really good for you... I wasn't backing it

KONA! Mike, you still owe me a pickle by the way

It started to rain right before the sponcered division, so Mike and Wildman sang Novemeber Rain until it dried up. PS, Wildman was so cool, he took us to amazing parks and he shreds

Some Redneck shack next to Kona.

Garrett playin drums on our car

Wildman doing a bonless tail tap on the pole... this bank was sketchy! Holes all over it and the landing was a highway.

This car rolled in on our drunk curb session outside the pool hall. So awsome

even after a good trip, its a beutiful thing to see this

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