Saturday, March 7, 2009

Skateparkinglot Sesh

Hit Union Ramp Park last night with Nick Rosalis, Garrett Lickfield, Jack Gannon, and AJ Kohn. fun times in the park until shit got shut down for some lame airsoft gun contest or something... basically the park turned into a warzone of plastic bullets...

so we headed out to the parking lot... gnarhammered and ready to go

Aj was on lurk duty tonight... here he is rollin squad deep

Then shit was on! Jack switch ollie fuck you

Nick Bs flip for the crowd

Yeah, I'm not gonna lie... I have no clue what happened here... Garrett... shreddin?

A little to gnarhammered to ollie anything, I set the gnar bar up on this tailwhip... made that shit!

Nick on termite steez

then the gnar bar did go up

Nick got some ollie game... he did bs 180 this too... no photo so don't beleive me

what can I say? the mans got a steezy ollie

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