Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Grimey Life- Intro

Gnarhammered- The Grimey Life- Intro from Greg Pachell on Vimeo.

Heres the intro to the video. Since this isn't a persons part exactly, I guess I'll talk about the day before and the day of the premire.
My computer hadn't been working til the day before the premire, so I got it set up and finished up editing the video. However, my computer wouldn't let me put it on a DVD, so I figured I would put it on a mini DV tape and play in from my camara. After putting the whole video on the tape, I realized I never put Kevs part in, so I tried rewinding the tape, only to realize I hadn't put anything on it. I basically just wasted about an hour of time for nothing. Then I tried calling every single person I know who might have a dvd burner, and after about another hour of that I finally get hold of Metzger who could do it. At this point its about midnight on the day before (or the morning of, however you look at it) the premire. I finally burn it onto a CD and then I can drop it off at his house. Turns out my computer wont also let me burn CDs now. Great. Its about 2 oclock at this point and Dave gives me the idea of putting it on Rapidshare, so I do that and send it to Metzger. He tells me hes gonna do it after work at 6 oclock. The time is set for it to show at 8.
Anyway, the day of the premire comes and I head up to the park to set the dvd player and tv up while Metzger gets the dvd burnt. Turns out if you download a lot of stuff at once, you have a 20 minute waiting period before you can download the next thing off of rapid share. So now the video isnt even going to be able to be burnt til about 8. Finally he gets the video burnt and heads up to the park, which is about an hour away, and we pop it in the dvd player and the intro plays, then stops. For whatever reason we are going to need to hit the next button in order to go from part to part, and I left the remote (the player didn't have a next button on it) at home. So Dan finds a dvd player in the park, but for whatever reason only audio comes out and no video. At this point we just figure we're gonna play it another day. However, turns out theres a Walmart down the street, so after driving the wrong way for a bit, we go in, grab a dvd player and head back. We set everything up and the whole thing played through. Thank god.
Anyway, that was the most stressing premire ever. hopefully the next one wont go the same way. But its Gnarhammered, so you know its going to go wrong...

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