Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shit Ton Of Nothing

Ok, so I gave Azn Dave my smaller camara to go to Texas with, but realized thats the camara I upload all my footage onto my computer with. So, that means theres not gonna be anything until the end of the month. Then there should be a bunch of stuff. Or knowing Gnarhammered, there still wont be anything. Eather way, its just as worth while watching.
Anywho, I was looking through my computer and found some old footage and some newer stuff that sucks. Hopefully you hate it.

Also, Saturday is the World Championship Of Freestyle in Philly, so I'll probably film an update down there (Rizzo Rink on front and water st) So show up if you want to enter or just hangout. Or wait for a while and see the footage up here.

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