Thursday, July 22, 2010

Straight Outta Princeton

We went to the Princeton Skatepark the other day in NJ. The place is pretty fun if your into skating really crappy concrete parks which are poorly designed. Which I am, so I was all about it. Turns out you need to wear helmets there and its strickly inforced by the poe-lice. Remember what NWA said about them? I agree. ANYWAY, we got this footage in before we got busted (minus two ledge tricks) so enjoy, cause its probably gonna be a while before we go up there again.

I also just saw this on YouTube, Metzger, the conceited asshole that he is, made an edit of himself and only himself. Hes probably bragging about how awsome he is right now too. Remember kids, believe anything you read on the internet.


  1. haha, i made that so chris could put it on final's website. all of that footage has already been used in other montages anyway

  2. That man is shredding!