Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snakes Get Cakes!

When to Langhorne Ski/Skate/ whatever-else-they-got-going-on-there today with Metzger and Zach, then later Garrett and Ryan showed up. It was a real fun session, and the funny thing is that Zach ripped his pants a little when we first got there, and it kept getting worse and worse until he just ripped the one leg off and had half short shorts and half pants, but kept skating regardless (all shown in the video). Anyway, its great to be out skating and filming again. I'm looking forward to filming some more real soon. Maybe tommorow?


  1. Couldnt really see zacks pants, but thats because he wears dresses. -Bremme

  2. couldnt really see bremme because he doesnt come out to fuckin skate