Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Wow. What a week... not going into details of why it sucked, but your lucky I even got this update...
Anyway, its been raining nonstop for like 4 days or something, and the clouds seem to not want to give it up until monday or tuesday or something. Maybe another Bordz montage? I don't know.
But heres the footage from today. I went to Black Diamond Skatepark with the whole crew... didn't film much, but here you go. Featuring Ajs dancing skills, Nick, Me, and guest appearence from that kid I aways see there but can't remember his name... I'll call him Jeff.

Hopefully the sound isn't all crazy cause I edited this at midnight and didn't want to wake the fam fam. I hope you can hear the tail crack on Jeffs melon tail cracker... that was rad.

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