Friday, July 24, 2009

One For The Road

Well here I am in Iowa. You know what that means? First post away from the office! Office? Anyway. Just thought I could give you something to read since I'm bored sitting in my hotel. First, theres a tornado watch out here, so I'm stuck in the hotel. Maybe I can just discuss yesterdays events.
We're here doing demos all day out in the middle of nowhere. Theres nothing to do at all, so we grab some beers, call some girls and head to the hotel. The girls called some of their friends who came from another party and brought the whole damn party to our one room. One couple shows up hammered already and before they get in the room, the girl is already falling down drunk, screaming, crying, and basically getting out of control. We tell her boyfriend he needs to take her somewhere else, because shes way to drunk, way to underage, and not actually even invited over.
A few hours pass and the party dies and everyone goes home. I head back to my room and go to sleep. Suddenly I wake up to yelling outside of my door and walk out to see whats going on. One of the riders on the team as being punched by the girl we kicked out hours ago and her boyfriend is running up the stairs yelling about how he hit her, which didn't even happen. He swings and punches our friend in the face, and he grabs the guy and throws him down the stairs. Thinking its over, our friend walks back to our room and yells for them to leave. The other guy runs back up the stairs and starts swinging again. In defence, our friend elbows him right in the face taking him down and kicks him in the face. Suddenly, the other people in the hotel (awsomely enough their all carnies), break up the fight and call the cops.
We head back to the room where the party was only to find out that somehow the guy got a key to our room from the desk, and stole a ton of odd things. Heres the list. One of our riders socks, lunch meat, a lamp, a chair, and all the light bulbs. What the hell? The cops show up and found the girl but the other guy got away. lucky for us we got our lamp, chair, and lights back, however the lunch meat and socks are gone. Cold feet and hungry now, we're gonna finish up the week and hopefully I'll be back soon.

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