Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kevs got some work to do

If your Kev, you should watch this and see how a man no complys. If your not Kev, watch it anyway. Kevs gonna be siked about how many times I wrote the word Kev. At this point "Kev" doesn't even sound like a word, like saying "dark" to many times.

oh, in other news, this is totally rad
Hopefully if it doesn't rain, the next few days on this site should be awsome.
OH! lastly, I'm gonna have a "contest". heres what ya do.

1. Design a sticker for gnarhammered
2. If you win, you get some free stickers. If you lose, you still get free stickers probably, but not ones with your image on it. I'm only doing this cause I want to make some stickers, but no ideas.
3. Please email them to me or something.

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